Ground Improvement Specialists.

Bringing innovative cost-effective ground improvement techniques to the UK.

About Us

Vibro Menard combines the the talents and resources of Vibro Projects and Menard Soltraitment. With a combined experience in Soil Improvement going back over 50 years, we can offer clients peace of mind, as Vibro Menard offers local expertise supported by a global network of unparalleled resource and experience.

As part of the Soletanche Freyssinet Group Vibro Menard can call upon the world wide resources of the group to offer cost effective, sustainable, safe, innovative, high quality ground improvement solutions to budget and on programme.


The scope of Vibro Menard includes a large number of Ground Improvement Techniques

  • Vibro Stone Columns
  • Vibro Concrete Columns
  • Vibro Compaction
  • Dynamic Compaction
  • Dynamic Replacement
  • Wick Drains
  • Controlled Modulus Columns (CMC)
  • Vacuum Consolidation

Typical projects include:

  • Residential Housing
  • Industrial and Commercial Buildings
  • Marine and Port Facilities
  • Civil Engineering Structures
  • Road & Rail Embankments
  • Embankment Support